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No matter if it's maintenance, installation, or emergency repairs, our experienced professionals can solve any of your plumbing needs.

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Throne Plumbing has the products and the knowledge to help set up, or renovate any commercial need.

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Garden Irrigation

Installing in-ground garden irrigation is a great way to conserve water and save money.

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Backwater Valves

Prevent contamination of your home's water supply due to pressure changes from your water source.

Icon of Bathtub

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations can add real value to your home, both personal and financial!

Icon of Inspection camera with long cable

Camera Inspections

With a camera inspection, we can quickly identify any cracked pipes, root intrusion, pipe misalignment's, or blockages.

Icon of drain with debris in the trap

Clogged Drain

Clogged drains can quickly go from a minor inconvenience, to serious structural damage to your property.

Icon of commerical building

Commercial Plumbing

From commercial kitchens to technical laboratories, our team has the experience to properly design and build your system.

Icon of backflow valve

Backflow Prevention

Backflow valves keep sewage from entering your home during floods or blockages

Icon of a sewer line being cleaned

Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Over time sewers and drains can become clogged with debris. Let our team get your drains flowing quickly again.

Faucet Icon

Faucet Repairs & Installation

We carry parts for most major brands allowing us to quickly repair or replace your faucet.

Icon of pipe with ice around valve

Frozen Pipe Thawing & Repair

Frozen pipes can cause a number of issues. Our team can fix everything from low pressure to major leaks.

Hot Water Tank Icon

Hot Water Tank Installation & Repair

Avoid ever increasing rental fees by replacing your hot water tank with a high efficiency unit that you own.

Icon of pipe leaking at connection

Leaky Pipe Repair

Our pros have the experience to repair all those hard to find leaky pipes.

Sump Pump Icon

Sump Pump Installation & Repairs

We can help keep your basement dry from any water intruding into your basement, avoiding costly insurance claims.

Icon of Toilet viewed from the side

Toilet Installation & Repair

From a new low-flow toilet installation, to leaks, or clogs. We're able to handle any issues with your throne.

Water Service pipe meter

Water Service Pipe Replacement

Our team can replace damaged or lead water service pipes to keep safe, clear, & clean water flowing into your home.

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Amazing customer service. The work was done fast and efficiently. Would definitely recommend this company. Have had kitchen water leak, toilets replaced and a leak fixed by them.

Carrie A.

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The Throne Team has worked in and on various levels of projects – from service for residential, to full renovations, from commercial builds to high rise maintenance; so we know what our customers are facing. We put ourselves in your shoes and approach each project as if it was our responsibility, our timelines and our money – we get the best options for you within time and budget constraints.

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